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Film review → "You're Ugly Too"

Title: You're Ugly Too.
Film director: Mark Noonan.
Genre: comedy and drama.
Age rating: for all audiences.
Laungh year: 2015.
Length: 81min.


After her mother’s death less than six weeks ago, Stacey gets orphaned and has to live in some shelters; until his uncle Will gets compassionate freedom from the jail to take care of her. But their relationship is not going to be easy, at least at the beginning. Will is a drug junkie man that is tired of life, without energy, that has been in jail for a long time; and the little 11-year-old Stacey is a mature and energetic girl who has a bad language and feels like doing a lot of things, but suffers from narcolepsy.
They will go to live to a caravan that Stacey’s mother had before dying, in one of the most rural zones in Ireland. There, they will meet a Bulgarian girl who is her neighbour, a shy and sweet mother, with an only son, she is married to a man called Tibor.

It’s a film that mainly focuses on the relationship between Stacey and Will, and also talks about aspects like the economic crisis that Ireland has got now or the importance of the confidence in social relations.

You're Ugly Too will make you think about a lot of things, you only have to see the film to know what things are…


I have to say that I quite liked the film. Honestly, it’s a very good one.
The plot is quiet and slow; but the end is very impressive and it makes you feel in a strange way, as there are things that are not answered and you are the one who has to imagine them.

Another interesting thing is the Irish language, either the humour or the idioms, that are in all the film.

My favourite thing was the staging, it’s pretty beautiful! This is something curious, you know? Last year I was in Dublin (the capital of Ireland), but this film was recorded in the most rural part from the country; so I could see the contrast between the two landscapes.

I also noticed that there was music in a lot of scenes, maybe in my opinion in too many scenes; but it’s true that the soundtrack is beautiful and relaxing, as the film itself.

Finishing at last, I’m going to give it a 7’25/10 as the final mark, because the music, the staging and the funny conversations were brilliant, but I felt like I needed something more. Even so, it’s a very good film to be the first full-length film that Mark Noonan does. It’s a film I recommend you a lot!

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