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Book review → "An Abundance of Katherines"

Title: An Abundance of Katherines.
Author: John Green.
Genre: comedy, romance, for youngsters.
Launch year: 2006.
Number of pages: 320.


This book tells us a story about Colin, a very intelligent boy that wants to be a genius and has had nineteen girlfriends, all of them with the same name: Katherine.
Colin is extremely affected by his breakup with Katherine the XIXth, because he thinks she has been the most special Katherine of all, so his best friend Hassan suggests him about doing a road trip without a destination using Colin’s car.

These two friends come to Gutshot, Tennessee, and they meet Lindsey, who has a quite weird group of friends. There, Colin will have his “eureka” moment, the moment that he has been looking for all his life: a theorem that will be able to predict the time that a relationship will last and who will be the person that will break up, called the Katherine theorem.

It is a very funny story with a lot of curious information. It talks about the value of the things, real friendship and, obviously, love.


An Abundance of Katherines was John Green’s first book I read, because I really wanted to read something by him and this was the one that caught my attention most.

I finished it in less than a week, so I have to say that is an easy, light book to read.
One of the things that impacted me most –apart from Colin’s nineteen girlfriends having the same name- was the real friendship that Colin and Hassan had, as they both were many different: Colin was Jewish and an atheist, and Hassan was a Muslim and a very religious boy. Also, the vocabulary they used is very informal, like youngsters nowadays have.

Another thing I want to emphasize was the detail that the writer had to leave those notes as footnotes, I love them! With this book you can learn many curious and even funny things. Also, we even have an appendix at the end of the book written by a mathematician friend of John Green that explains step by step the formula that Colin used to create the theorem.

Finally, I have to tell you that I gave it a 8,5/10 as the final mark, because I liked it but there were no surprises or anything exciting. Anyway, it's a book which I really recommend, especially for the teenagers that want to learn curious things and have a good time.

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