jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Citas célebres en... "Ghostgirl: Loca por amor"

¡Buen día, trotamundos!

Hoy traigo la tercera entrada con citas célebres, para ya terminar con los libros que llevo leídos de la saga Ghostgirl. A partir de ahora, creo que las traeré de los libros que me vaya leyendo, pero no lo sé aún. Obviamente, podéis pulsar aquí si queréis ver su reseña.

Así que, ¡empecemos!

"And I kissed away a thousand tears
My lady of Various Sorrows
Some begged, some borrowed, some stolen
Some jept safe for tomorrow." - Nick Cave

"Whisper you mean it, say you'll stay
Hold my heart till brighter days." - Bar for Lashes

"El tiempo es un sastre especializado en arreglos." - Faith Baldwin

"And I'm not gonna live my life
On one side of an ampersand
And even it I went with you
I'm not the girl you think I am." - Amanda Palmer

"But the thoughts we try to deny
Take a tollupon our lives
We struggle on in depths of pride
Tangled up in single minds." - Portishead

"El amor es una grave enfermedad mental." - Platón

"La envidia con sus propias flechas se hiere." - Anónimo

"Send me the pillow
The one that you dream on." - The Smiths

"I know I'll never really get inside of you,
To make your eyes match fire the way they should." - The Cure

"La gravedad no es responsable de que la gente se enamore." - Albert Einstein

"I saw it glitter as I grew
And love did what I never knew
I thought tis place was heaven sent
But now it's just a monument." - She & Him

"Who's going to make me forget you
And get you off my mind?
I could be out breaking other people's hearts
If you weren't still breaking mine." - Kirsty MacColl

"Piérdete y perderás a tu público." - Noël Coward

"You talk to me as if from a distance
And I reply with impressions chosen
From another time." - Brian Eno

"I was feeling insecure
You might not love me anymore." - John Lennon

"El Filo... no hay forma honesta de explicarlo, porque los únicos que realmente saben dónde se encuentra son quienes lo han traspasado." - Hunter S. Thompson

"I always fall in love with someone who looks
The way I wish that I could be." - John Cale

"How will you know if you found me at last 'cause I'll be the one with my heart in my lap." - Neko Case

"A dogma viejo no hay quien le enseñe trucos nuevos." - Dorothy Parker

"Loneliness is a crowded room." - Bryan Ferry

"Whatever this world can give me,
It's you, you're all I see." - Queen

"Una vida fatal se pasa entregando al aprendizaje, el trabajo y la añoranza." - Lillian Gish

"Tell me, who am I without you, by mi side." - George Harrison

"No blinding light or tunnels to gates if white
Just our hands clasped so tight." - Death Cab for Cutie

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