viernes, 10 de julio de 2015

How to do a Hawaiian party: Introduction

Happy day, trotamundos!

How are you? Today I come to tell you about something I'm preparing for you, a new section on the blog. But I don't know if I should call it that way, let's say it's a series of posts about a same topic. I guess you already know what is because of the title, right? Yes, trotamundos, I'm going to help you prepare a Hawaiian party (or a luau). I'm going to explain everything from the beginning, so you'll understand it better.

This post is programmed and I'm writing it on Tuesday, but as today is Thursday, let's talk about today. The fact is that I'm going to do this kind of party in my countryhouse with some friends. We spent several days organizing the food, the decoration, the music, the costumes, etc. So I'll give you a series of steps to guide you, recipes, information, tips and much more, and then you'll have a great time in this party.

By the way, this series of posts called "How to do a Hawaiian party" will be written in both Spanish and English, for the simple reason that I've realized that many blog visitors come from the USA, so in this way more people will understand what I write.

Well, nothing more to say, I hope you see the next posts! Greetings to all those party-lovers trotamundos!

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