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How to do a Hawaiian party: Clothes

Good morning, trotamundos!
Today I come with another post more for you to organize a good luau. Today we're going to talk about the clothes that it should be a good idea to use in this occasion, though I think it won't be the only post about clothes I'll do. In this one, I'll simply recommend you what you could wear, but also I'd like to do another post telling you the places you can buy these articles, etc etc. Oh, and this is only a simple guide, you obviously can change something according to your likes! So, let's go!

The most important thing is the Hawaiian skirt! It can be long or short, and it usually is green or yellow, but there are a lot of kinds, choose your favourite! In the top you can use the typical coconuts, but if you don't want to go so uncovered, it would be a good idea to wear them on top of your bikini. (If you don't fancy wearing a skirt and a pair of coconuts, you can use a alternative outfit with a colourful dress, but this one hasn't got such a Hawaiian style.) You can't miss the swimsuit, because you'll want to swim in the pool for a while, right? The most suitable for this type of parties are colorful bikinis, with prints, frills or fringes; but you can also use trikinis or something like that. For your feet, you can go barefoot or in flip flops. And don't forget the accessories! You can wear a flower headband around your head or an orchid flower behind your ear, choose your favorite! The lei around the neck, the wrists and the ankles is also indispensable. The most beautiful ones are those that seem real flowers!

- MEN -
Although this may appear strange, men also wear skirts! Normally this is long, but the color can be changed. Anyway, I recommend using green or yellow. (However, there is also an alternative outfit, consisting of a flowered shirt and shorts.) As a swimsuit, we must ensure that it's also a flowered swimsuit. For the feet, I'll say the same as before: you can go barefoot or in flip flops. About accessories, you can't miss the lei! It's also a good idea to wear a brace of flowers, it looks great with long skirts! In the head you can use a tiki mask or a straw hat, but this is only optional.

Well, trotamundos, that's all for today! See you soon!

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