jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

My story and my experience with dancing (up to now) + Gifs :3

¡Hola, amigos! ¿Cómo os va la semana? ¡Ya estamos a jueves! Mañana es viernes por fiiin :D
Hoy os traigo una redacción escrita en inglés sobre el baile. Sí, ese "deporte" que consiste en bailar el cuerpo, principalmente los pies. El caso es que nuestra profesora de inglés nos dijo de hacer una redacción sobre nuestro deporte favorito y yo, no solo expliqué un poco de qué trataba, sino que también conté mis experiencias con el baile. Así que pensé de publicarlo aquí, para saber vuestra opinión. ¡Espero que os guste! ^^ Ah, por cierto, también voy a dejar al final algunos gifs. ¡Un beso!

------------------------ o ------------------------

I have always liked music. When I was only a little girl, I used to listened to good music. I have always loved listening to music, singing and dancing.

When I was eight years old, I was in sevillana classes. I hated it, especially, I hated the teacher. Nowadays, I can't remember how to dance sevillana.

Two years later, when I was on my third year of Primary school, I signed up for dance classes in Zeta Gym, but I didn't last so much because the teacher wasn't so good...

Shortly after, I became more interested in dancing, and I used to play videogames like Just Dance and I also used to invent my own choreographies.

Last summer, I went to a dance camp. The first day you had to pass a test and the teachers divided the children in five groups. It was my first year at the summer camp and I was in the second best group, so I was pretty happy. I had to learn five choreographies in a period of five days: streetdance, hiphop, jazz, Broadway and latin beats. It was amazing. Then, when I went back home, I spent all day dancing all I learned there.

Now I usually dance alone, but sometimes I dance with some friends of mine. My favourite kinds of dances are streetdance, latin beats like reggaeton or salsa, and slow dances (these are the typical songs you dance with your partner ir a party).

I'm getting to love dancing more and more! I haven't got much time to dance, but when I do it I always have fun.

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