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The Fourth Room

¡Hola, amigos! ¿Qué tal la semana?
Como bien sabréis, Halloween es dentro de dos días. El año pasado subí algunas entradas sobre este evento, aquí os las dejo...
1. ¡Halloween se acerca!
2. ¿Cocinamos para Halloween?
3. ¿Qué es Halloween?
4. Qué hacer el día de Halloween.
5. Dibujos de Halloween para colorear. 
Este año no he podido subir muchas entradas sobre este tema, pero os lo quería compensar con algo. En mi instituto se ha organizado un concurso sobre relatos escritos en inglés sobre Halloween. Así que un buen amigo mío y yo decidimos participar. ¡Y al final ganamos el segundo premio! El caso es que, con su consentimiento, he decidido subir nuestra historia para que todos la podáis leer. Así que, antes que nada, darle las gracias a este crack de persona por darme el permiso y por ser el coescritor de esto. Y bueno, sin más dilación, ahí la tenéis.

------------------ o ------------------

Then, I regretted not having filled the car up with petrol. There was still a long way to get to Chester's Ville, where I had planned to meet some friends to celebrate Halloween. I found myself in a unknown road. Darkness got close and I had no place to sleep. So I decided to wander to find somewhere to spend the night. I walked for several hours, it was almost midnight and I still saw nothing. Suddenly I saw a little light in the distance.

That glow seemed to come from a small cottage. So I went to ask if I could stay there. The house looked old. The windows were dirty and the bars were covered in mold. The walls needed painting and the wooden door was worn out. However, I thought that many years ago it must have been a beautiful house. Then, a shiver ran throught my body. I rang the bell, and I didn't hear anything. I knocked on the door. Nobody opened, so I called again.

After waiting a while, I went into the house on my own. I already knew that it was wrong, it was a clear trespass. But, what other choice did I have, freeze me out there? Luckily for me, I could open it without difficult, because it wasn't locked. There wasn't any noise, I couldn't even hear the door creaking. It was strange, wasn't it? At that moment, I thought I should have bought one of those smartphones that have everything, a powerful flashlight and more. But my mobile phone doesn't work well, so I had to sharpen my eyesight.

I recognised some silhouettes of some furniture, and among them I noticed the shape of a lamp a few steps from me. After plugging in the cable, the lamp was turned on. The light was faint. It seemed that the bulb was going to use up soon. The stress increased, now I could see every element of that mysterious house. I was watching the furniture little by little, turning my head slowly. Suddenly, I saw him. A child in the distance stood motionless in front of the door, not knowing what to do. The boy had a pale face, his hair was blond and he had blue-gray eyes. I blinked and the boy disappeared. Even so, I felt his presence. I quickly turned my head to look him and I saw the child in another part of the room.

'So-sorry, is this yo-your house?' I asked the boy, stammering. After a long while, the boy didn't speak. So I repeated the phrase again, perplexed by the situation.
'Child? Are you okay?' I went over to him and reached out to place my hand on his shoulder. I felt coldness in his body. And when I was about to touch him, he turned abruptly, dissolved in the emptiness.
I thought it had been my imagination, as I was exhausted. So I ignored what had happened and went to a room to rest after watching the rest of the house. I went upstairs and I found a hallway with some rooms. I went into one of them, and I saw a bed and a window with white curtains to let in the cool night breeze. I remembered falling down on the bed into a deep sleep.

Children's laughter could be heard faintly in my head. It wasn't cold, it was rather warm. I thought it was just a dream. I heard a loud slam close to me, and I woke up. I saw the window closed. Suddenly, I stood up. I couldn't believe my eyes. What had happened? I remembered, despite my lack of sleep, that the room didn't look the same as a couple of hours before. I stood up and saw a shadow under the door. I froze. Slowly, I turned the knob to open the door, and I found the same boy. Without speaking, he told me to follow him into the living room. The fireplace was on, and I went to turn it off. It was unbearably hot.
'Put it back on again,' the boy said with a weak voice. I was puzzled.
'Okay. But promise me you'll tell me what's going on in this house,' the boy nodded, so I went back to light the fireplace again.
I sat shyly on the sofa, and the boy did the same. After a long pause, I started talking, because the boy didn't intent to say anything.
'My name is Thomas Johnson,' I said. 'What is your name, boy? How old are you?'
'My name is Peter. I am 10 years old', he answered.
' And do you live alone?' I dared to ask. The boy was silent.
'They told me they were going to run an errand. But it took ages. I waited an hour, two, three... Days were passing by. Then I realized that they weren't coming back.'
'Who are they?' I asked, thinking to know the answer.
'My parents,' the child looked at the ceiling, but then he slowly looked down at me again.
'But they don't want that I call them that way. They've never wanted me.'
'Didn't they love you?' the boy shook his head. 'Don't say that. All parents love their children.'
'You're wrong' he said confident. 'They didn't go to run an errand. What kind of person goes to run an errand with a suitcase?' he said. I realized that the boy seemed pretty intelligent, he had a very wide vocabulary despite he was only 10.
'Well...' I didn't know what to say. 'But when did they leave? Haven't you called anyone since then?'
'I don't even remember, I think I have lost track of time.' At the same moment, I heard a noise from upstairs.
'What was that?' I scarly asked.
'Oh no... Another open window' he said while he was standing up and going
I didn't understand anything. A couple who doesn't want children but they have one, a weird but very smart boy, a mysterious house where windows open by themselves... If Peter's parents were gone, why was Peter still there? Hadn't anybody visited the house since they left? My head was spinning. I had to figure out what was going on here.

The child returned after a few minutes. He sat back on the couch as if nothing was wrong.
'Do you have an obsession with the open windows?' I asked.
'Mom always told me to close them. She wanted to protect me from the cold.
'But you said that your parents didn't love you, right?' I was getting desperate. Peter was contradicting himself! He was playing with me. But if I wanted to find out everything, I had to keep calm.
'She always did. She used to buy me toys and cook my favorite dishes... I loved her and she loved me. Until he appeared. Mom married. He never loved me, I knew. Although I didn't love him either. Everything was a competition. And the prize was Mom. We both had to show who was best for her. But a little boy with a pretty face couldn't compete with a man who had money. Mom still loved me, but nothing was the same. Everything had changed. Until one day, they left. And since then I haven't seen them again. How I miss her. I can still remember her smell when she gave me a hug, or her honeyed voice when she sang me lullabies to sleep,' I shuddered to hear that and then a tear fell down Peter's face.

Peter began to cry, so I decided to comfort him. When I tried to pose my hand on his shoulder, my arm went through his small body. Then I realized everything. What happened last night wasn't my imagination. Peter is a ghost. I looked at him amazed.
'Really? ' I asked. The boy nodded. 'Do ghosts exist?''Right now you are in front of one of them,' he replied.
'B-but how is that possible?' I was getting excited. There are no ghosts, no ghosts, no ghosts... Ghosts don't exist ...' I repeated to myself over and over again.
'Relax, Thomas. Of course there are ghosts. Because you're looking at me, aren't you?' The child paused. 'When I died, everything was dark. It seemed that I was sleeping. I felt nothing. Until I woke up again, and I was well. People believe that there's a big mystery after death, but it's easier than we think.

Peter went on explaining things. Each time I got to understand the point of view of a... ghost better and better. Then we began to tell each other our experiences. Who would have thought that I, Thomas Johnson, was to make friends with a ghost? After talking a while, I decided to ask if he had petrol. I was having a good time with Peter, but I needed to get out of this house. I had missed Halloween because of the petrol and the battery of my mobile.
'By the way, Peter,' I said. 'You know why I'm here, right?' Peter nodded. 'Last night I had to meet my friends, but I couldn't. Although it has been impressive meeting you, I must go on.
'Can you get petrol?' When I said that, his face changed.
'How do you expect that a ghost has petrol in his house?' He asked.
'I was only asking...' I replied scared before his answer.

The boy offered to show me the rest of the house. He wanted to change the subject, although I still had it in my mind. He looks happy having company.
'After you,' he told me politely to go upstairs. We were at the same corridor, where there were four rooms. One of them was the room when I slept before, and Peter said that it was his bedroom. Next to the room, there was a little bit old-fashioned bathroom. The third room, in front of the first one, was Peter's parents' bedroom, where there was a broken double bed.
'And this one, Peter?' I told him pointing to the fourth room. It was a worn-out
wooden door. It had a huge metal lock. Inexplicably, this one wasn't rusty.
'Emm... That room is where I used to play games. Nothing special. Furthermore, my parents have the key, and since then I haven't been able to enter again -the boy said hesitating.
'Oh, well... Then... Let's go back to the living room...' I answered not convinced. I suspected that there was something hidden inside. Curiosity invaded me.

It got dark early and we passed the time quickly. We both went to bed. Well, at least I did. Do ghosts sleep? I forgot to ask that while we were talking.
'See you tomorrow, Thomas,' Peter said with a smile on his face.
'Eh... Sure... Good night...' I replied. I got into his old bedroom and he was going to the living room, but I couldn't sleep. I didn't stay quiet. I needed to know what that fourth room was hiding. I spent about thirty minutes pretending to be asleep.

It was midnight. The silence ruled the house. Peter showed no signs of life. Then, inspite of the fear that tried to stop my body, I stood up. Step by step, without any noise, I went to the door. I turned the knob slowly, and I saw a part of the hall. Suddenly, a loud noise paralyzed me. The same window that I heard yesterday opened at one blow. I felt as if I was about to have a heart attack. Then, Peter appeared.
'What are you doing here, Thomas? Where are you meant to go?' He asked me.
'Well, I... I had heard the window... I thought I had to warn you.
'Ah... Okay...' He was very puzzled. 'It would be better to go to bed again, I'll close the window,' he said while he was entering into the room.I went back to bed. Before, I was absolutely terrified. But I didn't give up. Later, I decided to try it again. I got up from the bed and I made sure that the window wasn't open. Everything was in order. I went into the hallway. Peter wasn't there. So I went to the mysterious fourth room. I was walking quietly, trying not to make any noise. Incredibly, the door was half-closed. Was anyone there? I peeped through the keyhole.

The room was dark. Then, I saw something scary. Two adults almost decomposed bodies were in one corner. The boy watched them while he was laughing out loud. It was the same child's laughter that I heard yesterday. A lot of chills ran through my body. But the most shocking thing was that on the other side, I saw Peter's small inert body, holding a knife in his right hand. I was stunned. I just thought about running and going out of there. And that's what I did. I didn't care to make a lot of noise. I ran and I didn't look back. But Peter heard me and he came behind me.
'Thomas! What the hell are you doing! Come back here, idiot!' He cried constantly. I was still running. But I tripped at the last step of the stairs. It was a good hit. Peter was almost beside me. But I got up quickly.

Thanks God, Peter didn't reach me. I could go out of there alive. And since then, I haven't heard anything about the house. But I still remember that mysterious fourth room.

¡Espero que os haya gustado! :3 ¡Hasta la próxima! ^^

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